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Admin loginReadings Confirmed for 2018


Sea and Stone cover.jpg


Sea and Stone: The County Waterford Coastline

Mark Roper, with photographer Paddy Dwan

Whimbrel Press, 2023

ISBN 978-1-913446475


“Photographer Paddy Dwan and writer Mark Roper have collaborated to celebrate the cliffs, caves, and wildlife of the Waterford coast and people living along it. Packed with insights and idiosyncrasies, their journey from Dunmore East to Ferrypoint embraces birds, flora, geology, industrial history and fishing. Personal stories, including one from Ardmore potter Mary Lincoln, are interspersed with accounts of shipwrecks and ghost ships.”

Paul Clements, The Irish Times

Beyond Stillness


Beyond Stillness

Mark Roper

Dedalus Press, 2022

ISBN 1915629039

Available from here

“Mark Roper’s trademark spare, spiritual response to the natural world is intensified in Beyond Stillness …. ‘Drive’ details a stunning redemption …. Roper has an unerring sense of the gulfs between the miracle and damnation, its beginning and its end.”

Martina Evans, The Irish Times


Bindweed Cover.jpg



Mark Roper

Dedalus Press, 2017

ISBN 978-1910251249

Available from here

“Nature sits easy in the poet's sphere of influence in Mark Roper's impressive new collection of poems, Bindweed, which is a profoundly humane and often moving work.”

Paddy Kehoe, RTE


Cover A Gather of Shadow.JPG


A Gather of Shadow

Mark Roper

Dedalus Press, 2012

ISBN 978-190661459.

Available from here

“Although A Gather of Shadow reflects tenderness and loss so powerfully it’s not a heavy read. This isn’t only because several of the poems have light moments. Throughout there is a sense of how much life’s small and large events matter. Mark Roper’s writing sends that shiver down my spine which is the sign of true poetry. His images have become part of my consciousness. What greater praise could I give to this book?”

Myra Schneider, Acumen


Cover Even so.jpg


Even So: New & Selected Poems

Mark Roper

Introduction by Carol Rumens

Dedalus Press, 2008

ISBN 978-1-906614-01-0

Available from here
“This book contains so many perfect lyrics as to make any writer jealous. But how can you resent poems such as ‘Scythe’, ‘Hummingbird’ or ‘The Crossing’, which sheerly take the breath away?”

John Killick, The North


Cover Whereabouts.jpg



Mark Roper

Peterloo/Abbey Press, 2005

ISBN 1-901617-24-6


“Mark Roper’s Whereabouts is like an accidentally discovered bird’s nest of eggs: warm, beautifully coloured, pulsing with life. He looks with extraordinary care at the natural world, its force, variety, proximity and difference … Such praise and such astonishment, such accommodation of darkness and light, make Whereabouts a place we should all inhabit for a little while.”

Eamon Grennan, The Irish Times


Cover Home Fire.jpg


The Home Fire

Mark Roper

Abbey Press, 1998

ISBN 1-901617-05-X

Signed copies available via email:  2markroper@gmail.com

The Home Fire is a model of lucidity. What distinguishes Roper is the unerring accuracy of his language. His speculations have a deliberate and uncoerced quality; he is more likely to be overwhelmed by his subjects, as in the marvellous short poem ‘Sleeping With The Kingfisher’, than to impose his ideas forcibly upon them.”

Caitriona O’Reilly, The Irish Times


Cover Catching the Light.jpg


Catching The Light

Mark Roper

Peterloo, 1997

ISBN 1-871471-65-6

Signed copies available via email: 2markroper@gmail.com

“Mark Roper has emerged as one of the most accomplished and engaging poets writing in Ireland at the present. His work is characterised by a formal suppleness and a leanness of expression that facilitates a striking ability to see and move beyond the surfaces of daily life and landscape. If his poems primarily take their impetus from the natural world, Roper’s engagement with that world has a discernibly spiritual purpose to it. The best of his work makes the world new.”

Bill Tinley, Irish Literary Supplement


Cover The Hen Ark.jpg


The Hen Ark

Mark Roper

Peterloo/Salmon, 1990

ISBN 1 871471 168

Signed copies available via email: 2markroper@gmail.com

This collection won the 1992 Aldeburgh Poetry Festival Award for Best First Collection.

“His work combines clarity and lyricism in such a way as to become the embodiment of the word Fresh”.

Ian McMillan, Poetry Review


Comeragh: Mountain, Coum, River, Rumour.jpgComeragh: Mountain, Coum, River, Rumour

Mark Roper, with photographer Paddy Dwan

Whimbrel Press, 2018

ISBN 978-1-909751-93-4


‘They later share their findings via Dwan’s luminous photography, where closely observed nature studies shade into art, and Roper’s short, evocative prose passages, which shift seamlessly from hard facts to lyricism, and his spare, singing poetry.’

Paddy Woodworth, The Irish Times


Cover The Backstrand.JPG


The Backstrand: Tramore's Open Secret

Mark Roper, with photographer Paddy Dwan

Whimbrel Press, 2013

ISBN 978-1-909751-06-4

"The great joy of knowing a local beauty spot like the back of your hand is at the heart of The Backstrand, a new book on the tidal lagoon behind the main beach in the Co. Waterford town of Tramore .... The book combines Roper's writings on natural and human interaction with this special area of conservation with Dwan's beautiful close-ups of birds and flowers, and subtle land- and seascapes".

Sylvia Thompson, The Irish Times


Cover The River Book.jpg


The River Book: A Celebration of the Suir

Mark Roper, with photographer Paddy Dwan

Whimbrel Press, 2010

ISBN 978-1-905989-20-1



“Paddy Dwan, a press photographer in Waterford, is also passionate about wildlife and the river that runs by. Mark Roper is a well-honoured poet living farther up the Suir in Co. Kilkenny. Together, in The River Book, they celebrate this slow southern waterway with its mud and misty willows and the rich affinity of life along its banks. Dwan’s photographs are often memorably tranquil, but he is constantly alert to the moment: the little egret rising, trailing diamonds; the kestrel hovering in the dusk. Roper weaves his own evocative poems with voices from present and past, telling of cot, prong and scallop in crafted lifestyles all the Suir’s own.”

Michael Viney, Books of the Year 2010, The Irish Times